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Akbar is the finest Indian restaurant in Holland. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Akbar Indian restaurant, established in 1981, was one of the first Indian restaurants in Amsterdam. Our kitchen serves dishes originating from northern India in Punjabi style. Our cooks are Indian and our chef cook has been with us from the beginning. We specialize in Tandoori, Curry, Seafood, Vegetarian and Balti-style dishes, all cooked using fresh ingredients, moments before these are brought to your table. Every creation we serve is obviously meeting Halal requirements. Moreover, we can compose every order exactly meeting your preferred level of spicyness.

We communicate in English, Dutch, Hindi and German. Both kitchen and staff function like a well-organized, professional mechanism and will serve you in an experienced, friendly way. You won't ever have to wait long inbetween courses, regardless of the number of guests in the house.

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Our consistent eye for detail has acquired Akbar Indian Restaurant a large group of loyal clients. Many celebrities have often visited us and keep returning: Bruce Willis, Gary Barlow ( Take That ), Bobby Farell ( Boney-M ), and Paul Weller to name a few. You might perhaps spot one at Akbar soon!

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One point of interest is that both Hindoes and Muslims can eat at our restaurant, because our meat is halal. We do not serve Pork or Beef , Also for vegetarians we have an extended menu. Known for quality, hospitality, exclusive ambience, party service and take-away service most hygienic kitchen. ( Air conditioned )

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Akbar Indian Restaurant
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 15
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